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    Scare Tactics 7 - 12, art by Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning

    I remember getting the first four issues when this came out. I’ve been meaning to seek out the rest to see how it ended.

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    One thing I noticed in Cap 2 (no spoilers)

    There’s a scene in his apartment where you see some books on a shelf. I noticed a book called “Nightstalkers” and it was in this font:


    Is this a hint about a future Nightstalkers movie? Blade 3 was almost a Nightstalkers movie, but a bad one.



    BaneCat : Batman villain Bane returns as a cat to torment his owner.  

    The layers of awesome on display here are off the charts

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    Some days I think about winning the lottery and what I’d do with the money.

    Every Monday for the last 3+ years I think about winning the lottery and wondering “how much do I have to give to the Brothers Chaps so Homestarrunner.com starts updating again?”

    It would be worth it.

    Fred Phelps made a name for himself by protesting the funerals of soldiers and hate crime victims. In particular, he spent decades causing immeasurable pain to LGBT people and their families. My thoughts are with all those people today.

    Very much in spite of himself, Fred Phelps was an important figure in the movement for LGBT equality. Other right-wing leaders have chosen their words more carefully, and the WBC even protested some far-right activists for being insufficiently hateful, but plenty of Religious Right leaders have always agreed on Phelps’s core message: that God reacts to gay people with divine punishment in this world and damnation in the next. Fred Phelps just said what so many anti-gay activists have always believed.

    When Americans were faced with the choice of accepting their LGBT neighbors or endorsing Phelps’s unfiltered hate, they chose the former. He showed anti-gay bigotry for what it really is: profoundly un-American. Phelps lived to see a nation that more and more decisively rejected his vile message. That’s his legacy.
    – Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way, on the death of hate-cult leader Fred Phelps. (via quickhits)

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    Petition to get Knock Out into IDW canon →




    Lockdown is a speaking character in IDW, and Lugnut, eradicons, and other non-g1 characters have shown up in backgrounds.

    The best original character of Transformers Prime was Knock Out, who was highly loved by the fans and spurred enormous amounts of fan art from the western and…

    Oh my god, I’ve seen three pages of Sarah Stone art and I already want her to draw Knock Out.


    Wish granted.

    Knock Out needs to be in every Transformers continuity from now on, and Hasbro needs to sign Daran Norris to a long term deal.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway.

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    Anonymous asked: No, I'm not from Fargo, but I am from Minneapolis and most of my family still lives there. Swedes tend to take over Minnesota. Anyway, I have to say that I think the film hits a lot of ideas right on the button and that in 1987 when the movie takes place, a lot of people did talk like that. Some still do. Sorry you can't enjoy something cuz you're from there.


    I hate when people say shit like ‘I’m sorry for you’ just because I don’t like something that they do like. I actually liked that movie when I still lived in Fargo. Don’t be an asshat just because your an Anon on the Internet. I stopped enjoying the movie when I lived out of state, and ignorant fucks degraded me to a level of stereotype that seems to run so rampant. I am proud I came from such a rich and fruitful city like Fargo. That film instill ideas into the minds of watchers that feed stereotypes. It’s terrible.

    Point being, this is my opinion of the film industry portraying a city in poor light. And yea, that what Hollywood does. I’m not mad at the movie, or the Cohen Bros or whatever, I’m mad at the ignorance that stemmed from the entire scenario. Now there’s gunna be a whole flippin series (filmed in Calgary, btw). Fargo is a fantastic city and deserves to be exploited for THE RIGHT REASONS. Not for some murder plot in the fuckin boonies between there and Bemiji. That’s not Fargo. That’s what I’m annoyed about. The Swedish and German heritage in the state of North Dakota should be embraced without lowering it to some dumbed down version. So many brilliant things have come out of Fargo.

    So, Anon, moral of the story is that you like the move, I did not. End of fucking story.


    Also, why was the movie called Fargo when barely any of it took place there?

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    I may have purchased a Lego Movie set just to get a Unikitty.

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    When you live in the 5th ‘drunkest city’ in America.



    Seriously, it’s true. Good job, Brooks.

    Just 5th? I thought Brookings was top 3 material.

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    Cheerios is like, “eat a bowl of cereal, haters!”

    Their first-ever Super Bowl ad brings back the mixed race family they got so much racist shit for last May. Good on them.



    Okay, not only is this adorable…But i’m REALLY happy that kid’s getting a puppy.

    I never even noticed they were a biracial couple……….

    I don’t get the controversy.

    I don’t get why this is a controversy in 2014. It’s a sober reminder of how far we have yet to go.

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